Frank Piacitelli Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Web Strategist, Producer

My Role in This Project

Mirror Show Managament was unhappy with their website. Our agency team helped them determine exactly what made them different from their competitors. I led a creative team that developed a new expression for the Mirror Show brand. We didn’t fix what wasn’t broken — their visual identity was in good shape. But they needed to show that their people, attitude, and enthusiasm were as remarkable as their trade show capabilities. We developed the “exhibit greatness” position for them, and developed a web presence with a feel that’s rich, personal, and very different in their category. It includes many data-driven flash components, and a completely custom admin system that’s tailored to Mirror Show’s needs. won the Rochester Business Journal’s 2008 “Best of the Web” Award in the Business Services category.


  • Agency: Martino Flynn
  • PHP, Ajax, Flash Development: Justin Dickinson
  • Design + CSS development: Scott Wolf
  • Copy: Duane Bombard
  • Video Production: John Marianetti